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Welcome to the Middle East Network!

Welcome to the Saïd Business School’s Oxford Business Network for Middle East.

The network aims to raise awareness about Middle East in general and also to raise awareness about business opportunities in the region.  This is a forum to discuss cultural, business and trends in Middle East.

2015-16 Committee:

  • Co-Chair: Dhiraj Daryani - Technology
  • Co-Chair: Muhammed Emin Torunoglu - Government
  • Committee Member: Amith Rao - Energy & Manufacturing
  • Committee Member: Harshit Kabra - Education & Consulting
  • Committee Member: Noura Ismail - Public Sector
  • Committee Member: Ravindran Damodaran - Consulting
  • Committee Member: Tania Warren - Energy & Finance
  • Committee Member: Yashna Belliappa - Finance

Read more about the committee on the Student Information page or contact them on Facebook


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