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Welcome to the Oxford Business Entrepreneurship Network!

The Entrepreneurship OBN strives to connect our members with the right people, resources and inspiration they need to propel their ideas forward. Whether they’ve already started a business, are keen to start one or are just curious about entrepreneurship and startups, our goal is to help them explore those interests and get the most from their time at Oxford. 

A few of the initiatives we’ll pursue this year include: 

Co-Working Wednesday: Every Wednesday afternoon we gather to exchange feedback, share expertise, and work on our ideas together, tapping into our collective energy and brainpower. 

Founder Talks & Roundtables: We invite successful entrepreneurs and investors to share their knowledge and stories, providing inspiration and engaging dialogues. 

Workshops: We’ll focus on building our skills and learning from each other through various workshops on topics that are useful to entrepreneurs across their lifecycle.   

Venture Capital Investment Competition: We’ll host our own VCIC competition to give everyone a chance to walk in the shoes of an investor. The winners will move on to the European Championship, with a chance of making it to the Global Championship.  

Treks & Trips: We’re planning a trip to visit startup and investors in California and will also seek to arrange local field trips to see where and how things get done, and who’s involved, in the startup universe.  

The EOBN Committee will lead these initiatives in collaboration with our student members, alumni and the Entrepreneurship Centre.  This year’s committee includes:

  • Early Stage Representatives: Avril Perry & Frank Fredericks
  • Late Stage Representatives: Peter Polydor & Stephen Morse
  • Internal Relationship Managers: Mike Ogutu & Vikram Dalal
  • External Relationship Managers: Sonia Lipski & Molly Shaw
  • Marketing & Communications Lead: Farhan Chaudhary
  • Operations Lead: Aparna Choudhary
  • Chair: Selma Studer

Want to find out more? Email Selma or check out the Facebook page:


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