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The Social Impact Network combines all functional areas of social impact including: environment, education, social finance, entrepreneurship, healthcare, technology, and consulting. Each of these subgroups has a designated leader and we aim to leverage our diverse backgrounds and experience to increase awareness of and tackle meaningful issues related to social impact.

Membership is open to current School post-graduate degree programme students, Executive Education participants and University of Oxford students interested in social impact.


Denise Hearn | Network Co-Chair
Gabriela Hernandez| Network Co-Chair
Andrea Warrier | Communications VP
Naina Bhushan| Finance VP
Lynn Hill| Events VP
Event Managers
Nora Petty | SVCIC
Deepti | SSICC
Alan Keeso | 1+1 MBA Student Debates
Alexa Roscoe | Guest Speakers
Nana Amoah | Social Impact Exchange
Ryan Glasgo & Alan Keeso | Business 2 Environment

Industry Area Leaders
Consulting | Marina Nuri
Development & Policy | Addie Yandell
Education | Tarun Varma
Environment | Shinez Chalabi
Environment  |  Alan Keeso
Global Health | Jamie Rosen
Healthcare| Avril Hanzel & Nora Petty
Social Finance| Ryan Glasgo & Lynn Hill
Technology| Owen Scott

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