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Salem Pasha
Chair of the Middle East Network in 2012-13

Nomination Statement 
To say the Middle East has gone through some extreme changes in the past few years is an understatement.  However, since Biblical times to the past few decades, the region has always been changing.  I plan on harnessing the momentum of recent changes to enrich our understanding of the region, to gain an appreciation for it, and hopefully to motivate to go there and make an impact.

I’m a Pakistani.  I grew up in Dubai.  I spent ten years in New York.  I’m a Third Culture Kid and I’ve seen the region through each of those lenses.  A few decades ago, senior management in the region was mainly royal family from the local countries and experts from Western countries.  The Subcontinent, Asia, or Africa tended to send blue collar or low-level white collar workers.  However, the latter regions’ membership in senior management has grown.  The Middle East has become more prominent in the Western affairs as well.  Given my background, I know that I can lead the Middle East Network effectively.

I plan on showcasing migrated business talent in the region.  They can share their experiences between their two regions.  Furthermore, with the upheavals recently, social impact activities have become more important than in the past.  I see an excellent opportunity to partner with the Social Entrepreneurship Network so students can explore, or create, such opportunities.  Finally, I would want to showcase the culture of the region as well so members can gain a broader understanding of the region.



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