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Art and Business OBN 2013: Events and activities throughout the year

Nov 13 Art and Business OBN was founded by Vicky Mao and Candy Chan with a vision for students and alumni to increase knowledge of these opportunities, access them, add an inter-disciplinary dimension to their careers and perhaps become game changers in the art and business worlds.

Dec 13 – Feb 14 Art and Business OBN hold small group discussion on booming art market, new form of art ventures, increasing demand for artwork in emerging market. We organized small group viewing for London Art fair and Oxford International Art fair.
We also helped to promote Promoted art activities with other art and culture group in Oxford, such as Edgar Wind Art History Society, A Night with the Pre-Raphaelites, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) Where’s the virtue in the humanities?

Mar 14, in collaboration of Culture Heritage Programme to promote inter-disciplinary learning and networking in disciplines across Art, Humanities, Culture, Business, Technology, Law, and etc. and the support of Professor Donna Kurtz, We organized a brown bag lunch with Ariel Gregory, a Geography MPhil on her research of Methodology and Valuation of culture heritage sites.

May 14, Our OBN organized a lunch talk Making Museums Work: Understanding Value in the Art World by Classical Archaeologist Dr Senta German and Art Historian Dr Jim Harris from the Ashmolean Museum.  The talk explored the role of the museum in establishing and maintaining the value of objects both within and without their collections, examined the interaction of museums with the commercial art world and considered the ways in which museum scholarship and research establishes other criteria for value than the purely monetary.

May 14 organized small group to attend the 8th LBS Annual Art Investment Conference “Investing and Innovating in the Global Art Market”

July 14, we organized a Private tour in Ashmolean museum with curator and art historian Dr. Jim Harris.  Dr Jim showed us his favourite pieces in the museum, from ancient roman coins to  a newly acquired impressionist painting

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