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Welcome to the Technology Network!

Welcome to the Saïd Business School’s Oxford Business Network for Technology.

Our Goals

  1. Knowledge: Foster development of knowledge on emerging technologies and new business opportunities made possible by these technological breakthroughs.
  2. Network: Grow a platform to network with people spearheading the technology industry and leverage alumni satellite networks in market leading tech companies, services providers, and technology centers.
  3. Careers: Work closely with careers services and alumni to bring up group members choices of employers and increase opportunities of their internships.

Our Activities

  1. Speaker Events: Work with Saïd Business School ‘s external speakers committee and Oxford University’s departments to organize talks and panel discussions around latest technological trends and business opportunities.
  2. Treks: Active involvement in planning and organizing Silicon Valley Trek. Organize and plan visits to Technological hubs in Dublin and London.
  3. Strategic Consulting Projects: Partner with the school’s Strategic Consulting Projects committee to source projects around technology across different countries.

Anupan Mukherjee and Rahul Manavi are co-chairs of the Technology Network for 2014-15, visit the Student Information page for more details

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