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Michael Saadeh was the Chair of the Design Thinking Network for 2012-13

Some highlights from the Design Thinking OBN under Michael's leadership have been:

The Google Innovation & Creativity Innovation Summit led by Dr. Frederik Pferdt, visiting scholar at the Stanford and Global Program Manager at Google, and Astrid Weber, Creative Skills for Innovation Trainer and UX Researcher at Google. Students were challenged to solve the educational issues raised by a randomly selected member of their team, using their framework of design.

A design-focused day trip for Saïd Business School students to take a private tour of the London Design Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, along with meeting alumni and friends of the University of Oxford working in the design field in London.

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Read his nomination: 

With an electrical engineering background, I have worked in design and product development for just under 7 years. In that time, I’ve worked on fighter jets with a USA Secret security clearance and the world’s fastest microprocessor at IBM in 2006. Then, I worked in the design of industrial computers that were used by CERN to discover the “God” particle, in leading collegiate laboratories worldwide, and in manufacturing facilities to test high profile products like the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Xbox360. So, while my design experience is relatively diverse and extensive in technology, I plan to lead the Design Thinking Network to think about design, well beyond the scope of high-tech.

One of my biggest goals this year as chair of this Network is to grow membership and interest in design thinking through our MBA class. I want to help grow my colleagues in design focused thought regardless of whether they decide to move into consulting, finance, or industry. These principles have been critical to my past successes and I am convinced they will help others. Also, I will focus on teaming up with other Networks to have joint events that increase the reach of the Design Thinking Network and foster collaboration across multiple disciplines.

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