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Members of the Oxford Business Alumni Network who are an alumnus of Oxford Saïd are entitled to register for an @oba.co.uk email address.

OBA Webmail Registration Acess your OBA Webmail OBA Webmail Password Reset

Visi this page to set your email client configuration. Use your OBA Webmail credentials to log in:

Email Client Configuration

Webmail Features

Oxford Business Alumni mailboxes include the following features:

  • 2 email addresses (@oxfordbusinessalumni.org and @oba.co.uk) both directed into your OBA email inbox.
  • A webmail inbox with a capacity of 10GB and access to your mail through mobile devices and desktop clients via IMAP/POP3.
  • A forwarding service should you wish to direct all mail to an external email address (e.g. GoogleMail, Yahoo or Hotmail/Live).
  • A webmail based calendar and contact list.

Registering for OBA Webmail

If you have not yet registered for your webmail visit the webmail registration page. You will receive confirmation of your registration with your login details from the Alumni Relations Office within 3-6 working days. If you have not received a response after this time please contact alumni@sbs.ox.ac.uk.

Webmail Support

Find further help and support in the topics below.

If you need further assistance please contact alumni@sbs.ox.ac.uk.

Support is available during normal office hours; 9am-5pm GMT. 

OBA Webmail Set Up

Logging In

The OBA Webmail can be accessed through the OBA Webmail login page at http://webmail.oba.co.uk/. On this page you can enter your username as either "username" or "username@oba.co.uk".

Webmail Help

Detailed guides on using the OBA Webmail inbox, calendar and contact lists can be accessed by clicking on the Help link next to Settings at the top-right of the page (as shown below).

Using your OBA email as a forwarding service

Due to the capacity limit on your OBA webmail inbox, we recommend that you redirect emails to a personal inbox.

To automatically forward your emails:

  1. Go to the Settings link on the top right of the webmail page. Click on the Incoming Email tab on the left-hand side of the Settings window that appears. Finally, click on the Forwarding tab at the top of the window.
  2. Turn on automatic email forwarding by clicking the Status option to On. Leave Save a copy of forwarded email unchecked to ensure your inbox does not fill up and enter your email into the Forward to box. Please see below for an example of these settings.
  3. Click the Save button to update these settings.


Configuring your oxfordbusinessalumni.org address

Your Oxford Business Alumni inbox receives emails from both username@oba.co.uk and username@oxfordbusinessalumni.org. However, replying from your inbox via an email client or through the webmail site automatically sends out from username@oba.co.uk.

You are able to set username@oxfordbusinessalumni.org as your default address by following the guidelines below:

Via the OBA webmail:

To configure your webmail inbox to email out with username@oxfordbusinessalumni.org you must click on the Settings link at the top right.

This will open the options window and allow you to select Composing Email. By selecting the Identities tab, you can enter a new identity by clicking on the Add New Identity button.

In the Add New Identity window you must enter your Full Name, the Email Address you wish to use (in this case username@oxfordbusinessalumni.org) and then the Reply To address, which should be set the same. Finally click OK to add this identity.

You will be able to set this new identity as the default by selecting it in the Current Identities box and then clicking on the Set as Default button.

Clicking the Save button will then save any of these changes. Please see below for an example of this Identity screen:


OBA Email Configuration

Here you will find guides on using your Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) email account and configuring your email mailbox within the OBA Webmail, computer email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail) and mobile devices (e.g. iOS/Android).

If you have any questions regarding your OBA email that is not covered below, please contact alumni@sbs.ox.ac.uk for support. Support is available during normal office hours; 9am-5pm GMT. 

Your OBA Email and Our Service Provider

The OBA email service is provided by the Alumni Relations Office, Saïd Business School through the third party Email Service Provider Rackspace Hosting.

Many of the document guides provided on this page are created by Rackspace and should be followed 'as is' except where your login information differs as mentioned in the respective OBA Webmail, Email Client and Mobile Devices sections below.

Configuration Guides

Please select one of the links below to see guides on configuring your OBA webmail, Windows and Mac email clients or Mobile Devices.