OBA Chapters

Join your local Chapter to meet and make connections with alumni near you.

Chapters coordinate activities in their city and host regular social and professional events, making them an excellent resource for networking with other alumni. Interest in OBA Chapters is not limited to the area alumni reside in, so please engage with as many different cities globally to expand your network.

As well as offering an environment for continual career and personal development, membership offers opportunities to engage in dialogue with leaders, academics and industry professionals on global business issues as well as those pertinent to your local area.

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Find out more about the OBA Chapter Leaders and how best to connect with alumni in different regions!

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Don't see an OBA Chapter in your city?

Chapters are established in cities where there is a concentration of at least 50 alumni and there are alumni volunteers willing to drive and lead activity. Our Regional Ambassadors provide support and help grow the OBA Network membership in cities that do not currently have a Chapter.

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