Get Involved!

There is a myriad of ways that you can get involved with the Oxford Business Alumni Network.

Alumni engagement is a relationship. In a relationship, both parties work to make the other better. From our perspective, we will endeavour to help grow and strengthen your alumni network. We hope that you will use the network and this website to your full advantage.

In turn, we need your help.

We need you to be our eyes and ears. By keeping in touch you help us to maintain our research and teaching programmes that are relevant to current and future trends in business. This will make your degree become even more valuable as we enhance our programmes and how they are perceived broadly.

We need you to be our ambassadors by letting the wider business community know about Oxford and Saïd Business School.

Finally we need your support - through financial support, current student support and encouraging the best people to apply to Oxford.

From joining a Chapter or Network, to volunteering your time to help with prospective students, or from rallying your class to participate in the Rankings surveys and Alumni Annual Fund, to welcoming current students to your business during the Student Treks, this is your opportunity to keep getting the most out of your membership and build the alumni community.

As the University's 272nd Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, says: "Alumni help just by being out in the community and talking about the University; to their friends and their schools, to break down misinformation that may be held about us; alumni really are our most important ambassadors. Alumni are a source of all kinds of support, tangible and intangible."

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