Alumni Advisory Council

The Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) provides an efficient way for alumni to voice their thoughts and add to the discussion on possible future directions for the School, serving as the eyes and ears of the Oxford Saïd community.

The AAC’s mission is to:

  • Work closely with the Alumni Relations team to strengthen the OBA Network and enhance the alumni experience
  • Advise the School on matters of concern to its alumni
  • Support the School in its mission and help raise its global profile
  • Contribute to the School’s governance through representation on the School Board (Chair of Council)

AAC 2021-24

The Council is comprised of 20 seats, 15 of which are held and elected by alumni. The remaining five seats are non-elected, and include one  Faculty member, the Associate Director of Alumni Relations, and three alumni appointed by the Dean. The AAC term is three years with the opportunity to extend to a second term.

In 2021 five members and two Dean's nominees will remain on the Council for a second term and will be joined by ten new elected alumni and the third Dean's nominee to advise the School’s leadership on matters that impact alumni, while supporting the School’s mission and helping it raise its global profile.

We encourage you to connect with them as their work will feature a series of projects to support alumni and the School, which include regional and sector networking, lifelong learning, careers, fundraising and online communication. 

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Janet Dawson, NYC
Executive MBA (2012)



Dave Shull, Atlanta
MBA (2003)


John Butler, Rhode Island
PG Diploma OL (2013)
Dean's Nominee


Naiole Cohen, Luanda
PG Diploma FS (2018) 
Leo Tong Chen, Shanghai
MBA (2001)
Dean's Nominee


Gilke Eeckhoudt, Brussels
PG Diploma (2017)


Marcia Favale, NYC
MMPM (2013) / EMBA (2010)  


Amanda Forman, London
MBA (2017)
Stephanie Gnissios, Oxford
EMBA (S18)


Phil Houghton, San Francisco
EMBA (J18)


Betty Lam, Hong Kong
MBA (1997)


Edward Lee, Los Angeles
MBA (2008)




Joyce Meng, New York
MFE (2009)
Dean's Nominee




Susana Frazao Pinheiro, London
MBA (2005) 


Nabilah Soobedaar
Johannesburg, MBA (2016)


Marja Verbon
London, BA Economics and Management (2008)




Jennifer Walker, Washington
MBA (2012) 




Wenna Yang, Beijing
MFE (2017)