How to Launch an OBA Chapter

Thank you for your interest in becoming active in the Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) Network, the official business alumni network of the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Your participation will contribute to the growth and strengthening of the OBA Network, which currently boasts over 13,000 members.

I would like to launch a new OBA Chapter

If you are interested in initiating an official OBA chapter in your region of the world, there must be at least 50 OBA Network members living in your city and surrounding area for the Saïd Business School Alumni Relations (AR) Office to consider a new chapter proposal. This requirement is designed to ensure that you will have access to support from additional alumni volunteers in order to create a sustainable chapter which will grow year upon year. The AR Office will work with you to determine whether your region meets this requirement.

Once it is established that your city area meets the alumni number criteria for a new OBA chapter, you will need to read and complete the following;

On receipt of your OBA Area Contact Application form, the AR Office will determine the exact network population in your area and hence potential sufficient interest for an official OBA chapter, we will then ask for you to:

  1. Draft the text for an electronic mailing to alumni in your area to gauge their level of interest at the committee membership level, event planning level, chapter membership level etc. The AR Office will help you to disseminate the electronic mailing and can provide you a template letter for guidance on wording.
  2. Organise and host a first planning meeting for those interested.
  3. Form an organising committee for the chapter.
  4. Provide an annual OBA chapter event proposal

Some seed funding may be available for an official launch of an OBA chapters upon application. Please contact us at for additional information.

If there is insufficient interest for an official launch of an OBA chapter, we may suggest that you initiate some informal alumni activity until such time as adequate alumni numbers exist to support an official chapter.  The AR office will be able to advise you of ways to grow alumni acitivity and introduce you to existing Chapter committees who may be able to provide advice and support.

I would like to get involved but my region is not yet ready for an official chapter

If you would like to be a regional Alumni Ambassador for the Saïd Business School in your place of residence and host informal alumni activity in your area—whether it’s an informal networking and drinks gathering at a restaurant, a local alumni breakfast or a welcome to a travelling faculty member—please contact the Alumni Relations Office at to express your interest.

What would this involve?

  • To promote and enhance the reputation of Saïd Business School on a local and regional level
  • To assist alumni to remain connected to Saïd Business School and to serve the School more generally
  • To welcome new alumni to the area and provide local knowledge
  • To undertake outreach work in the local community, for example through assisting with student recruitment activity, welcoming student trekkers and meeting local incoming students

If you are interested in being an Alumni Ambassador to help grow the OBA Network in your city please contact us or send a signed application to the address above. Guidlines for this role can be found here.

Whether you take forward a new chapter or galvanise informal alumni activity in your area, we are excited to hear from you and to receive your interest in supporting the network! We will do our best to ensure your wish to be involved is met!

Please contact with any questions.