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Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford 2012
This year find out what it takes to start, scale and run great technology companies and explore the opportunities and challenges of Big Data

Sun, 18 Nov, 2012 - Mon, 19 Nov, 2012

Welcome to Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford 2012. This iconic entrepreneurship event returns for its 12th year, bringing the most exciting and relevant technology entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Oxford to engage with Saïd Business School students and faculty, and members of the wider Oxford entrepreneurial ecosystem. Find out what it takes to start, scale and run great technology companies and explore the opportunities and challenges of Big Data.

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Please note the programme is subject to change without notice


SVCO 20:20

Sunday 18 November, 9:00am - 4:00pm

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9:00 9:45 Registration - Main School Foyer

SVCO 20:20 (Track A) - Nelson Mandela SVCO 20:20 (Track B) - Rhodes Theatre

10:00 10:20 20:20 (Talk 1) 20:20 (Talk 6)

Salim Ishmail Michael Chui

Big data & Exponential Growth:
The Future of the World
What will have to change for Big Data to be a Big Deal
10:40 11:00 20:20 (Talk 2) 20:20 (Talk 7)

Stephen Sorkin/Rob Reed Tyler Bell

Big to Small: Getting Focused, Actionable, Real-time Intelligence from Big Data The Shared Data Economy
11:20 12:00 20:20 Challenge Groups

20:20 Challenge Group 1 - Healthcare
20:20 Challenge Group 3 - Retail

20:20 Challenge Group 2  - Energy
20:20 Challenge Group 4 - New Media


13:00 13:20 20:20 (Talk 3) 20:20 (Talk 8)

K Ananth Krishnan Jeff Talley

Big data in the Enterprise: a Co-Innovation Opportunity Integrating Big Data and Business  for National Security
    Q&A Q&A
13:40 14:00 20:20 (Talk 4) 20:20 (Talk 9)

Bob Goodson Damian Black

What Does Big Data Mean For Your Business? A Segmentation & Trend Analysis The "Big Data" Janus effect, and why everyone might be looking the wrong way
    Q&A Q&A


14:40 15:00 20:20 (Talk 5) 20:20 (Talk 10)

Ralph Schroeder/Eric Meyer Maria Sendra

The Internet is Big Data: How internet research has changed our understanding of the world The Role of Creative Deconstruction in Extracting Game Changing Actionable Insights from Big Data
15:20 16:00 20:20 Challenge Groups

20:20 Challenge Group 1 - Healthcare

20:20 Challenge Group 2  - Energy

20:20 Challenge Group 3 - Retail

20:20 Challenge Group 4 - New Media




Sunday 18 November, 8:00pm

"This House believes that corporations are capable of safeguarding against the risks of Big Data."

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Monday 19 November, 8:30am - 8:00pm

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8:30 9:15 Registration

9:30 10:15
Morning Plenary

Andrew McCollum (Co-founder, Facebook) and Jonathan Heiliger (former VP of Technical Operations, Facebook) in conversation with Patrick Chung
"Starting and Scaling Facebook"
10:30 11:45 Masterclasses (Session 1) 

Masterclass 1A Masterclass 1B Masterclass 1C Masterclass 1D

Tom Hayes/ Kim Polese Stephen Sorkin/ Rob Reed Allen Morgan K Ananth Krishnan

Art of the Upstart or Why it's Better to be David From Machine Data to Operational Intelligence and Beyond:  Splunking Big Data 10 Commandments for Entrepreneurs Innovation at Scale - the TCS Journey 

Masterclass 1E Masterclass 1F Masterclass 1G  

Salim Ishmail Tyler Bell Joe DiNucci/Maria Sendra  

Exponential Organizations - A new breed Done them Both: Startup Experiences in Oxford and Silicon Valley You, the Next Big Thing  

12:15 13:30 Masterclasses (Session 2)

Masterclass 2A Masterclass 2B Masterclass 2C Masterclass 2D

Bob Goodson Michael Chui Raj Kapoor Patrick Chung

It Takes 50 People
To Start A Great Technology Company

Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity  Founding a Tech Startup in Silicon Valley – The Good, Bad, and Ugly Reviving Ambition: Flying cars or 140 Characters?

Masterclass 2E Masterclass 2F Masterclass 2G  

Jeff Talley Susana Frazao Pinheiro Jason Goodman  

Promoting Peace and Stability through Technology and Entrepreneurship Starting a health tech (social) enterprise Scaling up in Europe: 5 rules to the modern marketing model  

14:30 15:45 Masterclasses (Session 3)

Masterclass 3A Masterclass 3B Masterclass 3C Masterclass 3D

Andrew McCollum Damian Black Kal Patel  Jonathan Heiliger

Lessons on Product Design from the Early Days of Facebook What they don't teach you in Business School on how to create and build a start-up company Building Investable Ventures Startup Day 2

Masterclass 3E Masterclass 3F Masterclass 3G  

John Phillips/ Mark Whitty Kulveer Taggar Rich Goldman  

The "A-Bomb Kid" and a Mad Man Discuss the Art of Seeing Things Differently What's different the second time around: lessons from a two-time (Y combinator) entrepreneur Social Media Startups: The Time Is Now, The Pace Is Here  
15:45 17:00 Masterclasses (Session 4)

Masterclass 4A Masterclass 4B Masterclass 4C Masterclass 4D

Tony Stubblebine IBM Big Data Expert
Mike DiNucci Jorn Lyssegen 

Finding Signal TBD
How to Build a Start-Up Sales Team Bootstrapped with $15kUSD: From two guys and a coffee machine to 900 people globally

Masterclass 4E Masterclass 4F Masterclass 4G  

Gary Lauer Justin Moore SBS Seed Fund Team and SVCO Speakers  

Sustaining Scale & Growth in a Tumultuous Environment TBD Evaluating early stage ventures  
18:00 19:30 Evening Plenary

Opening remarks by Professor Peter Tufano  

John Phillips (Chairman and CEO, Aristotle)
"Big Data Armageddon: Lessons from the 2012 US Presidential Elections"

Rick Smolan in conversation with Mike Malone
"The Human Face of Big Data"

Tyler Bell (Director of Product, Factual), Michael Chui (McKinsey Global Institute), Bob Goodson (Co-founder, Quid) and Stephen Sorkin (VP Engineering, Splunk) in conversation with Mike Malone
"Unlocking Data, Unlocking Growth"

19:30 20:00

Drinks Reception and Networking

Location: Said Business School, University of Oxford
Park End Street, Oxford
Fees: Oxford Business Alumni only
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