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Welcome to the new Latin American Network! If you're one of our many alumni in Latin America, travel there regularly or have an interest in working there, we hope that you will join this group. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events and news (see side bar)!

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Fabricio Pedroza was Chair of the Latin America Network for 2012-13

Read his nomination statement:

In the midst of the recent financial crisis while unemployment rates in US scaled to 16million and the Eurozone was experienced an annual GDP rate of -4% Latin America weathered the storm.  Untypical response from countries where the brightest economists used to state that if US catches a cold countries as Brazil and Argentina have pneumonia.

The last 10 years witnessed LATAM economies thriving through complex and sometimes controversial political measures. An Argentinean tech boom making Buenos Aires one of the hottest spots in the global tech scene.  Brazil’s middle class growing to 54% of the country population in addition to an energy revolution with 70% of the country auto fleet now powered by ethanol.  More recent you can find established private equity shops in US and Europe fighting over a bite of Bogota or Santiago entrepreneurs.

As the world economy reshapes is SBS only watching or taking part and leading the change? It is for spreading ideas and the expertise of our colleagues and network that I want to chair the LATAM Network. We must increase our knowledge in one of the globe’s booming markets and for this the LATAM Network needs to grow. Our idea is to increase the collaboration with the Oxford Latin American Studies Centre and the recently opened OBA chapter in Sao Paulo. Possible highlights of our journey would be a student trek to Brazil to see in first hand the business and politics scene and my intent to start conversations across the University of Oxford walls with other MBA powerhouses across UK mirroring the recent joint-experience of US schools to attract LATAM minds and companies to network in British grounds.


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