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Welcome to the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Network!

“In business for life” - Genentech

Saïd Business School is a leading institution embedded in a world-class university. We propose to create an active link between Oxford’s strengths in healthcare and SBS’s dominance in management and strategy.

Healthcare is the new frontier for Big Data and this year we will focus on the applications of Big Data in healthcare.


  • Actively provide networking and career opportunities for all members
  • Continue on an important collaboration with the NHS to find innovative approaches for healthcare delivery, right here, in Oxford
  • Fortnightly speaker sessions – Invite thought leaders in the healthcare/biotech space to talk about Industry perspectives

Year Plan

This year we propose to bring onboard three successful alumni to mentor our OBN. They will guide us in ensuring that we meet our objectives. We also plan to actively work with alumni and the Careers team to increase opportunities for all members of the OBN. Since many of you are still “exploring” your options, we also have a few events planned for the year, that could help you make the next “big” move

Flagship Event




Forbes Healthcare Summit, NYC (Dec. 3-4) – The world's most influential healthcare event. This year’s focus will be on the applications of Big Data in Healthcare: “Smart Data Transforming Lives” (sponsor tickets). For more information, please visit the conference website 

  • Africa Healthcare Summit, London (Feb. 26-27) - A conference for anyone interested in the African health sector
  • Asia-Pacific Trek (Apr. 13-24) – Networking with pharmaceutical/biotech companies in South-East Asia

We look forward to working with you and here’s wishing a great year ahead!

Razmig Varakian and Arjun Ramakrishnan are the Co-Chairs of the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Oxford Business Network for 2014-15! Visit the Student Information page for more details.

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