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The vision of the Oxford Real Estate OBN is to establish an informed and vibrant community of real estate professionals at SBS that actively engage with global industry leaders in real estate finance, investment, development, design, and construction.

Create awareness: Buildings shape and define our life in global cities. Real estate is approximately one-third the total value of all global capital assets and is estimated at US$180 trillion. Real estate knowledge is thus crucial for professionals from all sectors who can utilize this knowledge in their diverse businesses. 

Share passion and information: The OBN seeks to be a knowledge and networking hub for all SBS students who are interested in learning more about this asset class and opportunities within the global real estate market. The OBN also seeks to support those already active in the industry to strengthen their knowledge and business network. 


  • Connect with Oxford Alumni active in the real estate market in key cities such as London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong KongInvite leading investment and development executives to the business school to engage with the students in stimulating discussions
  • Organize a Careers Evening in November dedicated to RE professionals and to assist students to meet with a RE sector consultant to discuss individual career objectives and insights into specific regional markets
  • Participate in property tours of newly-completed developments in London and organize treks to other key cities around the world
  • Organize informative sessions to introduce students to the basics of real estate finance and development
  • Host a dedicated Real Estate Conference at Oxford together with the Alumni arm of the Real Estate OBN in March
  • Participate in the LBS Real Estate Conference in May 2014
  • Collaborate with other OBNs (Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Social Impact) in integrated real estate activities

Anas Halabi and Nalin Ramkumar are the co-chairs of the Real Estate Network in 2014 -2015

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