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Grace Lam and Jamie Lynne Boutilier were co-chairs of the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Network in 2013-14

Our aims are:

  1. To understand and participate in-depth the interdisciplinary nature of the healthcare industry
  2. To connect and integrate the healthcare interests at Saïd Business School to the wider Oxford community and beyond

Some of the events we will organise this year are:

  • Support Careers Centre’s recruitment events
  • Participate in the Business Case Competitions
  • Provide updates for Healthcare events around the School, University and beyond
  • Campus collaboration – joining with other campus organisations such as biomedical engineering and global health departments to enter into competitions
  • Organise speaker events
  • Company visits where possible



 Our vision for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Network is to:

  • Coordinate healthcare and pharmaceutical interest within SBS
  • Attract and search for potential employment options for our members
  • Coordinate with relevant intra-University networks/clubs/departments on joint healthcare/pharma ventures to progress our interests (e.g. engineering department for those interested in med tech, international development school re: global health projects)
  • Leverage our combined network to have global leaders address us on leading healthcare and pharmaceutical issues.

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