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Welcome to the Energy, Environment and Resources Network!

The use of energy continues to be of vital importance for the development of the human society by helping it to control and adapt to the environment. Managing the use of energy is therefore inevitable in any functional society.

At a time of ever-changing energy dynamics – with the imminent rise of fresh energy exporters, the significant growth expected in global energy demand, and the paradoxical rhetoric in global climate and carbon emissions negotiations – the Energy, Environment, and Resources (EER) OBN presents an opportunity for unique and relevant exchange of ideas.

Within the broad range of relevant discussions in the sector, we expect to cover:

• The oil and gas industries, including recent trends in both markets and the various tendencies from importing and exporting countries/players;
• The industry of renewables, comprising alternative energy and sustainable energy companies, including those involved in hydro, wind, and solar power generation
• The electrical power industry, including electricity generation, electric power distribution and sales;
• The nuclear power industry;
• Discussions on climate and the environment with a view towards understanding the social impact of the above activities as well as analyzing energy policy and the country and international level.

Visit the Student information page for details of the OBN Committee.  Connect to us, we look forward to your valuable contributions!

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