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The Management Consulting OBN 2015/16 looks forward to preparing the students of the University of Oxford for the consulting realm and providing you all with the necessary resources and training needed.

Our activities include:

  • Exclusive case workshops and CV review sessions
  • Informal events (coffee, pub) with alumni
  • Informational insights session on Management Consulting (range of industries, size of firms, career prospects)
  • Workshops on ‘Demystifying the case’ and ‘Being a successful consultant’
  • Informing members on upcoming events and company application deadlines
  • Providing a one-stop solution for all resources needed for your preparation (through our website)

The Management Consulting Committee 2015/16:

  • Co-Chair: Anup Varghese
  • Co-Chair: Abhishek Mittal
  • VP, Alumni Relations: Ambreen Razaq and Sumeet Sarangi
  • VP, Knowledge Transfer: Daniel Schacter and Rimi Chatterjee
  • VP, Event: Swati Aggarwal 
  • VP, Communications: Simanti Mitra

Number of students in The Management Consulting OBN 2015/16: 180+

With all our efforts we try to grant everyone involved a way to come closer to his or her career goals. Do get in touch with us for feedback, suggestions or ideas you may want to discuss.

Thank you and all the best!
Anup and Abhishek

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