Alumni Annual Fund Campaign Champions

Help lead your class to victory in our annual class fundraising appeal!

We are always seeking to expand the network of volunteers to maximise donations towards the Alumni Annual Fund.

*Interested? Please contact us by email to register your interest*

Campaign Champions are needed to support some or all of the following activities during the end of year campaign (June-July each year):

Marketing - providing a short donor testimony for use on website and social media

Website - conducting user-testing of the new online donation form

Group emails - drafting and co-signing a group email, encouraging classmates to join you in making a gift

Individual follow up - utilising personal networks (telephone, email and social media) to follow up with classmates on an individual basis

The School will provide all possible assistance to Campaign Champions. This may include:

  • preparing and dispatching emails and communications
  • hosting training sessions to provide School and University news updates, share ideas/experiences and establish best practice
  • regular reporting to volunteers on progress made with their group

All Campaign Champions need to be current donors to the Alumni Annual Fund. Make your gift now.