History of Oxford Business Alumni

The Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) was first formed as an association in 1997 and the first OBA steering committee meeting was held on 20 October 1997. The following was accepted as a shorthand statement for the association's purpose: 

The Association exists to promote and develop the relationships between the Saïd Business School, Oxford Colleges and former students. The Association will also seek to assist the Saïd Business School establish itself as, and then retain the position of, one of the world's finest centres for studying management and organisation.

In April 1998, Sir Michael Perry, first Chairperson of the OBA, formally launched the association.

John Kay delivered the OBA Inaugural Lecture at the Institute of Chartered Accountants on 29 September 1998, and the OBA was incorporated as a private limited company on 25 May 1999.

To maximise networking potential, during the initial launch period all graduates of Oxford with an interest in business were offered the option of being grandfathered into OBA. The Friends of Templeton, now known as Green Templeton College, were also invited to transfer their membership to OBA.

Since then the OBA has furthered its objectives through producing an alumni directory, establishing an official website, as well as through establishing international Chapters, organising networking events and lectures for members. Members receive a monthly eNewsletter from the School and are encouraged to help market the School, its student programmes and other initiatives, as well as reaching out to prospective students and identifying student projects.

The University of Oxford's Saïd Business School has now become the major fund provider for OBA. To guarantee long-term financial security for the organisation the assets and membership of the Company were transferred to the University on 15 July 2002. The company is now dormant and the OBA Board of Directors was re-named the OBA Advisory Board, which has since been dissolved and replaced by the establishment of the Alumni Advisory Council in 2014.

The OBA has become known as the Oxford Business Alumni Network and is now overseen by the Saïd Business School Alumni Relations Office, relying on the strong support it receives from alumni volunteers, Chapter committees and students.