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"What is becoming increasingly evident is that Africa is on its way to becoming a preferred investment destination, a potential pole of global growth, and a place of immense innovation and creativity" - Kofi Annan

Our Goal

The Oxford Business Network for Africa is a student led group created to organise and channel the substantial interest in business in Africa amongst Oxford students, alumni and faculty. We are dedicated towards enhancing awareness of the political, social and economic environment in Africa, career and growth opportunities and promoting business in Africa.

Our Activities

Every year, a number of engagements are organised including speaker events, an Africa trek and Strategic Consulting Projects. These projects can be located anywhere in Africa and usually take place over eight weeks during July and August. Projects focus on issues of major importance to the future strategic direction of organisations and benefit from the combined multi-functional skills a truly global MBA class can offer.



Our flagship event for the year is the Oxford Business Forum: Africa (OBFA) on 11-12 March 2016. The theme of the conference is the bold, brilliant “Unreasonable Africa”. This forum is a chance to explore the realities of doing business in Africa, to become aware of the opportunities on the continent, to create meaningful connections, and to spark ideas that could come to life.  

The Oxford Business Forum for Africa aims to empower you, visionaries and adventurers, to access these opportunities, help existing business navigate the landscape, and enable scalability across the continent and beyond.  Under “Unreasonable Africa”, the Forum will unite distinguished leaders from top companies, innovative start-ups, government, and civil society from across Africa with thought leaders, students, and alumni from Oxford University to discuss doing business in the final frontier.

People: let’s get to work! Previews and snapshots of speaker profiles can be found on the Africa OBN Facebook page. Tickets can be purchased at http://oxfordbfa.com/.

Hangwi Muambadzi and Mike Railton are the Co-Chairs of the Africa OBN for 2015-16! Visit the Student Information page for more details.

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