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Congratulations to Alex Lew and Wayne Viegas, who are the Co-Chairs of the Asia Pacific Network in 2014-15!


We will provide open platforms for alumni and students to interact. For students, we will create the best opportunities for business insights and careers. For professionals, we will work with the alumni chairperson and alumni office to provide opportunities for the Oxford community to share our insights of the region.  We believe in the unanimity of our community. We believe that we can enrich our community when we share insights and we can form eclectic picture of the global economic environment.

To achieve our visions, we will:

  • Create a mentorship programme for students to speak to Alumni directly
  • Create platforms for our community to get closer to Asia Pacific Hiring Managers and Senior Management
  • Create a globally competitive trek for students to meet businesses and alumni in April 2015


Co Chair: Alex Lew CFA
Co Chair: Wayne Viegas
Deputy Chair, Treasurer: Karen Lee Lead for financial related processes
Deputy Chair, Events: Felix Gozali Lead for selection and facilitation of events
Deputy Chair, Communications: Fiona Xu Lead for communications between OBN and external comms
Deputy Chair, Relations: Dev Metha Lead for alumni and relationship building
Deputy Chair, Relations: Abigail Joyce Chan Lead for alumni and relationship building

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