OBA Community FAQs

The following FAQ's are designed to support users with operational questions concerning the registration process and management of your Community profile. Please contact us if you have any additional questions that we can help you with.


Which registration option should I use?

There are three registration options; LinkedIn, Facebook or email. Alumni are encouraged to register via LinkedIn, as this account is likely to hold the most professional information about you and will populate your Community profile for you. 

What are the advantages of LinkedIn / Facebook registration vs registering with my email?

If you do not wish to use your social network ID to login to the community, you can choose to set up a manual profile using your email address. However, this option will be more time consuming and limits your ability to; connect with alumni in your social networks, interact on the social news page and invite other alumni to join the Community.

I don’t have a LinkedIn account.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, you can create one on the Oxford Business Alumni Community landing page without leaving the site. Alternatively you can select a different registration option.

Why do you need so much access to my LinkedIn / Facebook profile?

Gaining access to your profile provides you with a fast and efficient method of creating your Community account. Following registration, you can choose to re-sync your account with your LinkedIn/Facebook profile at any time, to ensure your details are up-to-date, with no extra work from you.  

We request access to your contacts to enable you to:

      • invite fellow alumni to join the Community
      • tag them in photos
      • invite them to events

We will not:

      • post any message on LinkedIn / Facebook without you explicitly requesting that we do so
      • display your LinkedIn / Facebook contacts to any other user.

When I register, should I include details for other institutions where I've studied?

No. Please provide only your Oxford study information.


I’ve registered, but am awaiting verification. How long will this take?

If the information provided during the registration process does not match our records, the Alumni Relations Office will need to verify your account manually. This may take up to three working days (or longer during national holidays).

Will I be notified once I’ve been verified?

You will receive an email notification once you have been approved, providing you requested this by ticking the box during registration. 

How do I change or reset my LinkedIn / Facebook password? 

You will need to request this directly on the LinkedIn / Facebook sites.

Can I have more than one LinkedIn / Facebook account on my Community profile? 

No. Users can only have one Facebook and one LinkedIn account synced to a Community profile.

Can I add both my LinkedIn and Facebook account to my profile? 

Yes. Once you have created an Oxford Business Alumni Community account, you will be able to add details of your LinkedIn/Facebook accounts on the ‘Update Profile’ page. 

I’ve updated my LinkedIn profile. How do I update this in my Community profile?

In ‘Update Profile’, click on the ‘Sync Now’ button to update your profile information via LinkedIn. The sync function will overwrite all information previously synced from your LinkedIn profile with the updated version.

How can I remove the Oxford Business Alumni Community from my LinkedIn / Facebook account?

In LinkedIn, go to Privacy & Settings > Groups, Companies and Applications > View Applications.

In Facebook, go to Settings > Apps.

The Oxford Business Alumni Community doesn't work in my browser.

Clear the cache. If you continue to experience problems, please email: support@oxfordbusinessalumnicommunity.org

I don’t want to share my email address or be messaged by other users.

Adding your email and telephone number to your profile is optional. It is also your choice whether you make this information visible to other users. You can edit your preferences under:

Account Settings > Email Settings -Update Profile

How do I close my OBA Community account?  

Under ‘Account Settings’, select ‘delete account’.

Can I remove my LinkedIn / Facebook account from my profile? 

You are unable to remove your social media accounts from an existing Community profile. To do so, you must delete your current Community account and re-register using your email address. Please note that if you choose to do so, you will lose the content on your existing profile including messages, photos, etc.

Who do I report issues to? 

For technical support, please contact support@oxfordbusinessalumnicommunity.org

For content-related enquiries, please contact alumni@sbs.ox.ac.uk 

Your Alumni Account

I don't have an alumni account.

You can register for an account here.

You will need your alumni number to register an alumni account. If you do not have this, please complete the Alumni Number Request Form

I have forgotten my alumni account details.

Forgotten your user name or password? Enter your email address here and we'll send your user name and a password reminder to you instantly.


I’m an OBA Network member, but not a degree-holding alumnus of the School. Can I join?

As this tool is new to us (and provided by a third party), we are launching the platform as a pilot to School postgraduate degree alumni only. 

Will the OBA Directory still be available?

Yes, the Directory will be available for all OBA Network members to access. However, as the new OBA Community syncs with users’ LinkedIn profiles, it is intended that this will provide a more up-to-date, reliable source of information than that currently available in the Directory.

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