Network - Alumni

The Social Impact Network 2013-14 transformed to combine all functional areas of social impact including: environment, education, social finance, international development, entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility, intrapraneurship, and consulting. Each of these subgroups had a designated leader and we aimed to leverage our diverse backgrounds and experience to increase awareness of and tackle meaningful issues related to social impact.


Natasha Garcha | Network Co-Chair

Yashveer Singh | Network Co-Chair

Ahmet Melik Koka | Corporate and Consulting VP

Eduardo Beltrán | Communications VP

Genevieve Richards | External Relations VP

Isabella Horrocks | Events VP

Kaushal Vyas | Education VP

Meagan Sutton Bonwit | Social Finance VP

Michael Davis | Sustainability VP

Reiz Evans | Mentorship Network VP

Rodrigo Domit | Careers VP

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