Graduating Class Gifts

While class gifts are a tradition of many leading business schools, this is still a relatively new idea within the UK. The first class gift recorded at the School was from the MBA class of 1997 (a surfboard in the Common Room), and we are delighted that current students are expanding this initiative each year. Class gifts play a vital role in building a culture of giving within our community, marking the start of a lifelong commitment to give back and support the School’s Alumni Annual Fund. The initiatives are entirely student-led, and the School is incredibly grateful for the vision, energy and commitment demonstrated by these latest successes:

Class of 2013

The current intake of MBA and MFE students started their class gift early by raising £1500 towards the Student Hardship Fund at their Christmas Party. Following an end of term campaign during the 2013 Alumni Annual Fund appeal, their class gift totalled £4278.55, which was matched by Dean Peter Tufano.



In October 2013 the EMBA 8 cohort set a new record in the University’s history, with 100% of their class donating towards their graduating gift of £5000. This amazing achievement has been recognised by the placing of the class' photo within the West Wing, marking the beginning of a longer term commitment to name Seminar Room 8 within the building.

Click here to view and download a copy of the EMBA 8 Class Gift photo

MBA 2010

In the Summer of 2011, 43% of the MBA 2011 class pledged a total of £40,000 to the School's Alumni Annual Fund. Fulfilment of their fou-year pledge began last year and to date, 24% of the class has fulfilled their commitment, donating just over £4500.

Diploma of Organisational Leadership 2009/10

This 'DipOL' class of 2009/10 became the first Executive Education cohort to make a graduating class gift to the School. 70% of the class donated, leading the way in inspiring future Executive Education alumni to make a gift.

MBA 2009

Led by Carlo Bellini, Juliet Hall and Bo Meng, the MBA Class of 2009 pledged over £45,000 in support of the Alumni Annual Fund. So far 14% of the class has fulfilled their pledge, and we look forward to increasing the number of class donations during the 2013 appeal.

Class of 2008

The 2008 Class Pledge was the first year that students decided to make their gift in the form of a long-term commitment, pledging their support for each of the first five years after graduation. The MFE, MBA and EMBA students of 2008/09 combined their class gifts to pledge a record total of £147,000 to the School. Today these gifts are still being fulfilled, and this class raised the most in donations to the 2012 Alumni Annual Fund appeal.

MBA 2007

The MBA Class of 2007 re-launched the School's Graduating Class Gift on a much larger scale. Their tradition of Happy Hour campaigning and focus on mass participation saw 128 of the class donate at least £20.08 each, symbolising the year of their graduation. The MBA Class of 2007 continue to lead the way in the Alumni Annual Fund, holding the record for the largest number of donors within one class.

MBA 1997, 2001, 2002...

Our records show that the first Graduating Class Gifts were made in these years. Were you part of the Class Giving committee in these years? Get in touch and share your stories...