Alumni Annual Fund 2017


About the Fund

During the year, alumni, faculty, members of the School Board and friends make donations to support the work of our community, improve the student experience and contribute to our scholarships. This year we are celebrating your memories of Oxford.


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Milestone memories

The School is 21 years old this year. Among the many special milestone memories we want to recollect is the graduation of our very first class 20 years ago. Over this short period, our Alumni have changed their lives and the lives of others. So as you smile fondly at the memories evoked by joining us down memory lane, please make a gift to help support the work of the School.


Campaign target

Our target this year is to top the Ziggurat with a grand total of £250,000.


Donate Now


We started the campaign with £160,000 in the Fund on 1 June with just 8 weeks to reach our target of £250,000. Check our progress here. Please encourage classmates and friends to get involved by sharing a memory using #SBSFund.



Share a memory

Share your memories of your time at Oxford Saïd using #SBSFund. Post a picture of yourself from back in the day or describe a memory from your time here at Oxford.

Please encourage your classmates to support this year’s Alumni Annual Fund by letting your class know you have made a gift and shared a memory #SBSFund.