AAF Allocation

Ensuring your support has maximum impact

As decided by the alumni body in 2010, donors to the AAF can choose to direct their gift towards one of three strategic priorities: scholarships, lifelong learning or the Dean's Development Fund. Every gift brings us one step closer towards our goals. 

The Dean's Development Fund - £75,922.44

Ensuring student support remains at the heart of our community

Gifts to the Dean’s Development Fund enable the School to fund to areas of current greatest need. Dean Peter Tufano oversees this fund, with the advisory support of key faculty. As with the previous year’s funds, student support remains a priority as we continue to grow into a world-class business school community. This year, the full 100% of the Dean’s Development Fund will be allocated toward scholarships for a total of £83,806.99.

You can read more about the scholarships by clicking on the relevant link below.

Scholarships - £7,884.55

(+ £75,922.44 from Dean's Development Fund)

Enabling us to attract and retain the best candidates to the MBA, MFE and EMBA programmes

The 2014/15 academic year will be the third year of alumni-funded scholarships, and as a result of your generosity, we are delighted to be extending this provision as follows:

The Alumni Annual Fund Forté Fellowships for Women - 1 x MBA scholarship and 1 x EMBA scholarship

In partnership with the Forté Foundation, the School has established merit-based scholarships for female candidates to the MBA and EMBA programmes. More about the Forte Foundation can be found http://www.fortefoundation.org/

Alumni Annual Fund Scholarships – 2x MBA scholarships and 2x MFE scholarships

Similar to our peers, the School is continues to be able to offer a number of merit-based scholarships to MBA and MFE students, thanks to generosity of the alumni community. Check out the 2013/2014 AAF scholars here – the 2014/2015 scholars will be announced in the coming month.

Lifelong Learning (£4,390.00)


Last year, the Lifelong Learning fund provided alumni with access to online-business databases through GOTO. This year, in addition to the databases, the Lifelong Learning fund will provide a series of short faculty videos where they share their latest research and insights direct with the alumni community.

Check out the video’s by Professor Mungo Wilson talking about his research on Asset Pricing and Dr Peagram Harrison on the 'Engaging with the humanities programme':

Asset Pricing
'Engaging with the humanities programme'

More faculty videos will be available throughout the year.

Dean's Development Fund Scholarships Lifelong Learning

Make a difference

It is worth remembering how much can be achieved by each alumnus giving what they can...

50 alumni donating £100 each pays for a year’s subscription of alumni journal access

25 alumni making a gift of £200 supports a Community Fund grant to help students tackle world-scale problems

20 alumni giving £30 a month for 5 years funds a full MFE scholarship